Summer is almost gone…

Nova Scotia is a place for crazy weather. However, this summer was a memorable one. For once, the weather was amazing! It would rain at night, rarely during the day, and we had many gorgeous sunny days. Cape Breton had a great influx of Tourism and we were able to meet so many amazing tourists who left beautiful experiences in our memories. However, the summer already started showing signs of his yearly farewell and we are getting ready for the Fall. To start, our schedule is losing hours, no more Saturdays and one hour less on Monday and Tuesday. The great team of students we had working for us in the summer is going back to school and everyone is getting ready for work. Our UNDER THE WEATHER program was a success on the few days that rained and we plan on keeping it active during the Fall so you can come Rain or Shine, we’ll take the food to your car.

Vacations are gone! No worries, though, we will be open for as long as the weather allows us and we have some surprises in the near future. The  Capt’n is getting ready for a HUGE surprise. You will get to enjoy it the whole winter. You won’t be disappointed!  Also, we have received many requests from clients wanting to buy our sauces. Well, your wishes might come true very soon!!

On another note, we had great entries for our Seafood Swallow Rhyming Contest and we plan on making more contests during the Fall. Don’t miss the opportunity to get some of Capt’n Kenny’s Fresh most delicious dishes for free! Like us on Facebook or subscribe to this blog to keep updated.

We had a great Summer, and we hope yours was as great as ours!

Happy Fall from Capt’n Kenny and Crew.

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    1. Thank you so much, Wendy, for your kind comments. It is people like you that help us smile every day! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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