Who is Capt'n Kenny?

Capt’n Kenny had a ship, a beautiful one. He would sail the seven seas looking for new lands and discoveries. In his travels, he tasted flavors, dishes, fish and delicious food from every corner of the world. He would learn and keep all these recipes from every new place he discovered in a secret book.

One day a mermaid fell in love with the Capt’n and would follow him everywhere, until a big storm sank his ship. The mermaid rescued him from the wreck and brought him to Cape Breton where they settled, built a little house and lived happily ever after…

Chandon, our little friend
Palm Trees from Venezuela


That is the story he would like to tell! BUT the truth is Capt’n Kenny never had a big ship, and although he did travel all around the world tasting the best food imaginable, he did it by plane. He loved the Caribbean so much that he always dreamed of having his own little rig at the sea and recreate all the most delicious food for his friends and family. The part of the story that is true is that he settled in Cape Breton for good and made this beautiful island his home. He then opened a beautiful Food truck docked in Port Hawkesbury and many people spread the word about the Capt'n Kenny's delicious food. However, after 3 very successful years, he retired and decided to spread his knowledge along with his tips and tricks on his Galleys via YouTube.

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